Helen (helen_better) wrote in graphichallenge,

Hey..I'm new to this community and i was wondering if someone could help me?

http://cinnamon.teamhighgrove.com/dashboard_1024.jpg I really like the "idea" of this pic but the scene is kinda shitty, so i was wondering if its possible for someone to make me a backround pic thats similar to the one above except with this scene http://ajt.iki.fi/travel/japan/noto/img_2594-beach-sunset_large.jpg and make the writing on it white and bold..and make it 900x768..and write Dashboard confessional on it like the pic that i showed you.. Use these lyrics..

"carry this picture for luck, kept in a locket,
tucked in your collar, close to your chest.
make it a secret, shown to the closest friends
and meet me at quarter to 7 the sun will still shine then
at this time of year. we'll head to the inlet
and we'll share a bottle there. And color the coast with your smile
its the most genuine thing that ive ever seen
i was so lost but now i believe..<3"

I hope this is possible I greatly appreciate this! =)
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