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je t'aime


i have a request. my best best BEST friend is having her 6 year anniversay with her boyfriend (who is also one of my other best friends) this saturday. the thing is.. her boyfriend will have passed away 5 months ago, the very next day (sunday) and being her best friend, i wanted to give her a present. i was thinking of making her a collage of pictures of her and her BF and putting it in a nice picture frame. and i was wondering if i gave one of you the pictures, you could make me the collage? i would make it myself, but i got a new computer and my photoshop was deleted. =(

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? it would be greatly appreciated for me and especially my best friend. i'll give soo much credit where its needed, i promise. THANKS.
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oh yah.. if you comment here w/ you email addy, i'll gladly send you the pictures.